Saturday 21 April 2018

BCWF: Decline in Biodiversity and Endangered Species in British Columbia

Did you know?

Our Province is in a State of Environmental Crisis.


  • Over the past 5 years the population in BC has grown exponentially, doubling in size from 2.2 to over 4.8 million people.
  • In the past 20 years, over 20% of government jobs dedicated to natural resource management have been removed. While at the same time, funding for natural resource management was cut in half.
  • There are approximately 230 species at risk in BC including several iconic animals: central mountain caribou, sturgeon, mule deer, steelhead, and many more. This list continues to grow every year.
  • Today,only 45 steelhead remain in the Chilcotin river and only 144 steelhead in the Thompson. One of British Columbia's most iconic populations of steelhead is almost completely wiped-out forever.
Everyday the BCWF is working to advocate on behalf of British Columbia's fish and wildlife. Some of the projects we are working include but are not limited to:
  • Combating devastating development on the Fraser River to protect sturgeon habitat.
  • Working to protect what's left of the Chilcotin Steelhead by recognizing them as endangered species.
  • Learning how to restore mule deer populations in BC by studying how landscape change and the predator prey community are affecting our current populations.
  • Leading numerous wetlands activities that result in habitat restoration, enhancement and conservation projects.
  • Working with the BC Government and local communities to help increase the abundancy of fish and wildlife that presently continue to decline.
Help be the voice of BC's fish and wildlife and speak for those who can't speak for themselves.
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Did you know that BC is in a state of environmental crisis?

Help the BCWF advocate on behalf of British Columbia's fish and wildlife and

speak for those who can't speak for themselves.


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