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Sunday 13 May 2018


I've met Dylan, a few times at some conservation events and have really grown to appreciate his take on hunting and conservation.  He is someone who truly upholds the ideals of the hunter conservationist for the 21st century.

If you are thinking about getting your firearms license, hunting license, or learning to hunt, butcher, or make sausages then your should go right now to

There are lots of great How-To videos and posts on his website covering everything from how to choose a firearm for hunting in BC, shot placement, and field dressing.  I've learned a lot from watching them and they really give you a good resource to keep your skills sharp.  There is also the EatWild podcast with interesting content to listen to (But only so-so audio LOL!!!).

EatWild is also another very "Vancouver" take on hunting, which is great to see. There is a strong effort to widen the appeal of hunting to help make it equally accessible to women and a broader ethnic landscape.  If wildlife and habitat are going to get the attention they deserve from the provincial and federal governments then we need more people like Dylan and organizations like EatWild making hunting appealing to the young, urban, foodie, craft beer demographic to help diminish the incorrect perception that there is a rural/urban divide on issues related to conservation, hunting, wildlife and habitat.  

I wish I had known about EatWild when I first got into hunting.  Dylan has built a very inclusive and supportive community of new and experienced hunters at EatWild.  He hosts dinner parties for first time successes for new hunters and has field skills courses for people who want to learn or brush up on the skills to safely explore the bush.  Overall, I think anyone considering getting into hunting would be well served by checking out EatWild.