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Friday 4 June 2021

Moose Short Rib Japanese Curry

Japanese curry is something I was introduced to years ago and it has since become one of my easy favourites.  It is basically a spicy stew with a thick gravy.  You can buy the Glico Japanese curry blocks at most grocery stores these days, usually in the Asian food aisle.  


- 2-3 lbs of short ribs or cubed meat
- 1 pack of Glico curry.  (mild is shown here, but there is medium and hot as well)
- 1 pack of baby carrots
- 1 pack of mini potatoes
- 3-4 cloves of garlic
- 2 cups of Japanese short grain rice


1) Medium dice the onion and garlic.
2) Line the bottom of the slow cooker with the onion and garlic
3) Put the meat into the slow cooker
4) Half the baby carrots and potatoes and add to the slow cooker
5) Cut the curry blocks into small pieces and add to the slow cooker.
6) Fill slow cooker with water until the ingredients are just barely covered.
7) Turn on slow cooker on low and wait until it is ready (10-12 hours)
8) Once the slow cooker is finished cooking, make the rice.  First, rinse the rice until the water is clear.  Then add it to a rice cooker with 3 cups of water. If you want to make less rice, just remember the proportion of about 1 cup rice to 1.5 cups water.

Sunday 22 April 2018

Rookie Hunter Podcast with Mike and Kelly

The Rookie Hunter Podcast with Mike and Kelly is the best BC based hunting media there is.  The two hosts discuss hunting from the perspective of relatively new hunters who came to it later in life, which is very similar to my experience.  They seem like two genuinely nice guys who really care about conservation and the issues facing BC's native plants and animals.  The podcast is a great mix of stories and interviews.  Many of the guests are local conservationists with important messages to share with BC hunters.  I particularly like the interviews with Jesse Zeman of the BCWF for their informative recap of the current issues facing fish and wildlife in BC.  The Rookie Hunter Podcast is a great way to stay up to date on issues, hear cool stories, and learn about hunting in BC. 

I highly recommend having this and other podcasts on for while you're working on your gear, long commutes, or the long drives to and from where you hunt.  Podcasts are a great way to stay current on issues, hear interesting stories and perspectives, and learn something new.