Tuesday 5 June 2018

Good Fires Prevent Bad Ones

" Prescribed fires create natural wildfire barriers by removing brush, shrubs, and small trees that fuel out-of-control wildfires. They also help fire-adapted plants and animals grow and thrive. #PacificNorthwestResearchStation scientists provide the data and tools needed to plan and manage prescribed fire. Learn more at https://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/research/fire.  "

It seems that in BC the approach is, and has been, to fight fires as much as possible when in reality fire is a natural part of the succession of a forest.  Most of what I have read suggests that allowing fires to burn with minimal intervention helps insure that there is a more natural cycle of forest rejuvenation and less accumulation of large areas with excessive buildup of flammable undergrowth.  For the most part, it appears that we have removed fire from the landscape to disastrous consequences.  Now, when there is a fire, it is huge, out of control, and much hotter and more damaging than had we let smaller fires do their job of clearing out old dead brush.

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