Saturday 31 March 2018

Vegans Protest "Antler" Restaurant

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A couple years ago the fad was to put bacon on everything, now people are protesting meat. *facepalm*. I support the vegan right not to eat animal products as long as they support my right to hunt, fish, and eat meat. We have freedoms in Canada, including free speech and the right to protest, so I think this is fantastic that both sides are having their voice heard. I enjoy the debate, if you can convince me through logical debate to change, that's great! However, this is a campaign of sustained harassment to destroy a business because it doesn't share the values of these protesters. What if meat eaters went a protested vegan restaurants for their negative impact on impoverished areas of South America because of the worldwide boom in Quinoa consumption or because mushrooms are technically animals? If I held a sign saying "Don't eat here! It hurts the world" and made a fuss outside a vegan restaurant I am sure it would hurt their business. How is that okay? Is it okay to do this harm just because I disagree with the values of the business? Craziness!

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